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Infernet Client

Infernet Client is a python library as well as a CLI tool. It allows you to:

  1. Interact with the Infernet node's REST API.
  2. Create an Infernet Wallet that can: a. Make a payment for subscriptions, or b. Receive payments for fulfilling the subscriptions.


You can either install infernet-client via uv (Recommended) or via pip.

uv pip install infernet-client
pip install infernet-client


With your infernet node running, you can interact with it using either the CLI tool or the python library.

Here's how you can check the server's health:

from infernet_client import NodeClient

client = NodeClient("http://localhost:4000")
is_healthy = await

Expected Output:

export SERVER_URL=http://localhost:4000

infernet-client health
Expected Output:

More Options

To see all the available commands and options, head over to the Usage documentation.

Consult API Reference for detailed information on the available methods.